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Hedging Solutions

Liquid and transparent option-overlay solutions that seek to manage client specific needs (tax sensitivity) as well as risks

KKM provides equity risk management solutions to investment advisors, family offices, institutions and corporate executives.

  • Customized Solutions
    KKM advises and implements customized hedging solutions for clients. KKM works with a variety of clients to hedge existing portfolios or client-specific risks. Some examples include:

    • Index Option Overlay
    • Covered Call Writing
    • Tail Risk Hedge
    • Interest Rate Hedge
    • Industry Hedge
  • Single Stock Risk Management Solutions
    KKM provides concentrated equity holders with hedging solutions to lower risk, increase yield and manage taxes. These include:

    • Collar Strategy
    • Covered Call Writing
    • Stock Option Monetization
    • Dynamic Volatility Hedging

For more information, please email info@KKMfinancial

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