Separately Managed Accounts

For qualified individuals KKM Financial offers various SMA's or Separately Managed Accounts highlighted by the "Smart Beta" Najarian Heat Seeker® Portfolio, Najarian Heat Seeker® PLUS (a dynamic option overlay)  and the KKM Focus Value Portfolio.

KKM Najarian Heat Seeker® Portfolio / KKM Najarian Heat Seeker® PLUS (option overlay)

  • Capital appreciation through a diversified portfolio of stocks
  • Access to the  Heat Seeker® methodology and process
  • Najarian Heat Seeker® PLUS offers investors a dynamic option overlay strategy
  • Access to the investing expertise of Jon and Pete Najarian
  • A way to potentially capitalize on the investments of large purchasers



KKM Focus Value Portfolio

  •  Seeks to purchase a diversified basket of above average companies at below average prices in a tax efficient manner
  • Invests in U.S. stocks earning high returns on invested capital that can be purchased for a reasonable price
  • A quantitative, bottom-up, fundamental approach to long-term investing


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