Portfolio Management

Risk managed global equity and absolute return strategies with a focus on capital preservation.

KKM Portfolio Management solutions provide investors with liquid, risk managed exposure to global equity markets. They are available in a separately managed account format with daily liquidity and full transparency.

Unique offerings (Email info@KKMfinancial for more details):

  • The Essential 40®
  • Najarian Heat Seeker®
  • Najarian Heat Seeker® PLUS (Income focused option-overlay)
  • Focused Value
  • AIM (Accelerated Income Model)
  • Asset Allocation (Balanced, Growth, & Defensive)

All strategies utilize highly liquid common stocks, ETFs and potentially option markets with no leverage.

  • The Essential 40® stock portfolio is a strategy that seeks to track The Essential 40 Stock Index, (Ticker: ESS40PR). The index represents what is essential to the economy and the American way of life today. The Essential 40 Stock Index is constructed with a quantitative as well as qualitative approach based upon which companies are irreplaceable and are also essential to the U.S. economy.  The Essential 40 Index of today is what the DJIA represented over a 100 years ago.
  • The Najarian Heat Seeker® strategy seeks to provide total return through capital appreciation and current income through owning a basket of forty stocks. Access to the investing expertise of Jon and Pete Najarian as well as their Heat Seeker® methodology and process. The Heat Seeker® methodology seeks to identify unusual option trading activity in a security, which may indicate strong buying interest in that security by institutional investors.
  • KKM Najarian Heat Seeker® PLUS strategy is for investors seeking U.S. large-cap equity returns enhanced by a dynamic covered call writing program
  • Focus Value strategy is a strategy composed of ten stocks focusing on capital appreciation. The model seeks to purchase a concentrated portfolio of U.S. companies earning above-average rates of return at below-average valuations.
  • AIM (Accelerated Income Model) seeks to offer a steady stream of income over an extended duration by establishing a core position in mid-term government and corporate bond exposure, while also capturing the variance between historical and implied volatility expectations. This proprietary methodology seeks to increase the return structure of traditional bond exposure by capturing the variance between bond price movement and equity market price movement as measured by implied volatility expectations.
  • Asset Allocation (Balanced, Growth & Defensive)
    • Growth Asset Allocation is most appropriate for investors with an investment horizon greater than ten years. The growth allocation is primarily invested in equities to drive long term returns. Treasury bonds are used sparingly to hedge deflation and financial distress, while TIPS hedge inflation.
    • Balanced Asset Allocation is most appropriate for investors with an investment horizon between five and ten years. The balanced allocation allocates more heavily to fixed income assets than the growth allocation to dampen portfolio volatility.
    • Defensive Asset Allocation is most appropriate for investors with an investment horizon of less than five years. The defensive allocation is heavily invested in fixed income assets with a primary goal of capital preservation.

For more information on these strategies, please contact info@KKMfinancial

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