Our Philosophy

KKM Financial’s paramount objective is the achievement of its clients’ financial goals. This endeavor requires acknowledgment of the correlation between risk and return, and we thoroughly discuss this equation with our clients so as to find the appropriate dynamic.  We employ sound judgment with a disciplined, consistent approach and contemporary methodology.

KKM Financial was founded on the belief that investment success comes from using in-house research and models that hold us accountable for our investment decisions.  In order to offer this methodology to the broader investing public, we formally established the firm in 2012.

KKM Financial has the ability to construct highly individual investment portfolios according to the risk tolerance and income needs of each client.  We are committed to a transparent and thoughtful partnership with the clients we serve and take great care to understand our client’s values, goals, and concerns in a way that is meaningful and evident to them.

As a CPO & a SEC registered investment adviser, KKM Financial is not tied to the investment policies or recommendations of any one organization.  In addition to KKM's own investment analysis, we have relationships with a number of institutional research providers. These relationships enable us to assimilate information from multiple sources when making investment decisions for client portfolios.

In addition, we use quantitative analysis to establish theoretical values to further our conviction in our strategies.  Of particular note is the fact that KKM Financial does not operate as a securities broker/dealer or custodian of assets, nor do we participate in the commissions resulting from transactions in our clients' portfolios.  These choices enable us to maintain total clarity and focus on our clients’ interests and concerns as we help them make significant financial decisions.

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