KKM Financial is an Alternative Asset Management firm.  Specializing in Alternative Investments, KKM Financial is a CTA as well as a SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm.  KKM Financial is an advisory, consulting, and separately managed account provider. KKM Financial’s paramount objective is the achievement of its clients’ financial goals.  In tumultuous markets active risk management, vision, and flexibility are paramount as well as rare.  Our pragmatic strategies include: The Condor strategy, Global Macro strategy and our proprietary tail-risk product strategy.

Trust is the foundation that formed KKM Financial and is a daily undercurrent in our client relationships.  We utilize one of our pragmatic strategies to potentially produce the alpha suitable to your investing goals.

At KKM Financial, we bring vast experience and expertise in navigating turbulence. Nationally credited for calling the 2012 low in the 10 year note US Treasury market, KKM Financial is an innovative industry-leader that has set a new global standard in the investment world.  Our unbiased, agnostic, and quantitative  approach to the markets continues to differentiate KKM Financial.  The fiduciary responsibility to our family of clients allows us to conduct our business in a conflict free environment always with our clients's goals leading our decisions.

Our highly experienced portfolio managers are available daily to clients and pride themselves in the unique value they present. Contact KKM Financial today, we look forward to meeting you.